Japanese-style Meal-time Etiquette Workshop led by our very own proprietress.
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Blowfish, Grilled fish, Girls’ Festival, Sushi, Ayu (Sweetfish), Children’s Etiquette, Steam-boiling using earthenware pots, Crab

Available Group Sizes
At the Four Seasons Sukeroku, we offer lessons for individuals as well as group lessons for up to 20 people.

Private Lesson starting at 12,000 yen / Group Lesson (5 or more) starting at 4,000 yen per person
*Only available during lunch time
*Meal price is included

Workshop Length
The workshop lasts about two hours. This includes time for your meal.
*Times may vary slightly between private and group lessons.

Key Points
・Learn proper Japanese meal-time etiquette.
・Immediately apply your new knowledge with a delicious meal of seasonal Japanese cuisine.
・Our meal-time etiquette workshops are taught by the proprietress herself.
・The content of our workshops is specifically tailored to our customer’s requests.
・We are very flexible should you decide you would not like to eat a particular dish.
・Workshops can be presented in English for our foreign customers.
・Customer's may also request workshops to be held at a location of their choosing and we will bring box lunches for everybody. *No extra charge within Ogaki City. Pricing for other locations must be negotiated.
・Please visit the following page for more information regarding our workshops:

Address: Four Seasons Sukeroku Gifu-ken, Ogaki City, Takasagocho 1-20
Telephone: 0584-81-1290 Email: