How To Eat Japanese Foods

How to Eat Japanese Food

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Sashimi-gozen is a Japanese course, the set comes with sashimi, rice, udon noodles,Edamame and Japanese cake.

Sashimi is a dish with thinly sliced raw fish and shellfish and it is eaten by dipping the fish in a seasoning sauce like soy sauce. This dish is also called ‘Otsukuri’ in general Japanese restaurants.

Sashimi is a dish where one enjoys the fresh taste of the ingredients so they have to be fresh and good tasting seasonal foods.

Also, in order to make the dish look beautiful utilising the ingredients on it, the way of cutting them is very important.

The vegetables and seaweed known as Tsuma in Japanese are presented in a beautiful style.

There are some flavoursome Tsuma called Yakumi (condiments), wasabi is a part of yakumi and it is classic when eaten with sashimi.

At SUKEROKU, our chef brings in fresh fish every day and prepares sashimi fillets with a sashimi knife.

Learn how to eat sashimi with a coach on Japanese cuisine etiquette while eating delicious sashimi at SUKEROKU.

Then, go to Kyoto and other places in Japan!

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