How To Eat Japanese Foods

How to Eat Japanese Food

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Count on SUKEROKU to teach you how to eat and enjoy Japanese cuisine!!


Japanese cuisine SUKEROKU offers eating guides to any foreign visitors for Japanese dishes undertaken by the manager (Okami) while eating delicious meals cooked by the head chef.

When it comes to typical Japanese dishes, they are..

We will guide you on how to eat each Japanese dish on this website, so you will have no more troubles eating Japanese dishes.

Have you ever experienced not being sure how to eat dishes at a Japanese restaurant?
After saying Itadakimasu (I’m going to eat)..

If you’re familiar with any of these, you don’t have to worry anymore! Our manager will teach you how to eat as well as guide you with Japanese food culture. Introduce yourself to Japanese dishes at SUKEROKU and go to Kyoto and other places in Japan.

Price:¥3,000 excluding tax