How To Eat Japanese Foods

How to Eat Japanese Food

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Sukiyaki-gozen is a Japanese course, the set comes with sashimi, rice, udon noodles,Edamame and Japanese cake.

Sukiyaki is a pot meal with meat and vegetables that are fried and stirred in an iron pot and it is one of the representative Japanese feasts, the ingredients are thinly sliced beef as well as spring onions, shiitake mushrooms, fried tofu, white konjac noodles, these ingredients are called Zaku. The seasonings are soy sauce and sugar.

The way to eat Sukiyaki is usually to dip the stirred ingredients in mixed raw egg and eat it.

The cooking method differs in each area of Japan.

Sukiyaki at SUKEROKU uses a specialized pot for sukiyaki.

Let’s learn how to eat sukiyaki from the Japanese cuisine etiquette coach Okami.

After you have learnt it, enjoy going to Kyoto and other places in Japan.

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