How To Eat Japanese Foods

How to Eat Japanese Food

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Tempura-gozen is a Japanese dish that comes with tempura, rice, udon noodles, edamame (green soy beans) and Japanese cake.

Tempura can be described as a Japanese style fritter.

It is prepared by sprinkling flour over the ingredients (this is referred to as Tane), dipping it in a batter then deep frying.

It is a representative dish of Japan and we eat it sprinkling some salt on it or dipping it in a tempura sauce called Tentsuyu.

Tempura can also be a topping on udon and soba noodles and they are called Tempura udon noodles or Tempura soba noodles.

How about learning how to eat Tempura from Japanese cuisine eating coach Okami while eating SUKEROKU’s delicious tempura.

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