How To Eat Japanese Foods

How to Eat Japanese Food

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Yakitori-gozen is a Japanese course, the set comes with sashimi, rice, udon noodles, Edamame and Japanese cake.

Yakitori is a dish similar to shish kebabs, small pieces of chicken are fried on a skewer and served. It is a popular dish in Japanese pubs and a lot of Japanese people like to eat it.

There are some variations that include pork, spring onions, shitake mushrooms and onions. (these variations that don't use chicken are called Kushiyaki sometimes.)

Technique is important when preparing both the skewers and grilling them, it is said by Japanese chefs that it takes three years to master the skewing and forever to master the grilling.

Why not learn how to eat yakitori on skewers correctly from our Japanese cuisine etiquette coach Okami.

Then, go to Kyoto and other places in Japan.

Price:¥3,000 excluding tax